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Many transactions involve tax implications, whether it is the sale of a home or business, estate planning or lifetime gifts of money or property. We can help you structure your transactions to minimize taxes. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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William Artz is a successful medical malpractice lawyer that has served the Virginia area for over 42 years.  He is committed to advancing the legal rights of those who had been a victim of medical malpractice and negligence.
Albo & Oblon, LLP Albo & Oblon, LLP - Web Site 

Albo & Oblon, LLP is an aggressive and experienced law firm serving the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, Washington, D.C. and the State of Maryland. We are a substantial, statewide law firm with a focus on civil and criminal litigation.

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Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C., celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, and is one of the most recognized, independent law firms in Northern Virginia. With more than 40 lawyers and a comprehensive array of practice areas, the firm works on some of the most sophisticated legal matters throughout the region, and is continually growing and diversifying to meet the complex legal needs of its expanding community of clients. 
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Regardless of how serious the charges may be against you, a conviction will depend on what a judge or jury hears, how they perceive the actions of police officers and investigators, and whether or not they believe prosecution witnesses to be credible. As former police officers, Weimer & Boyce understand how to expose and underscore weaknesses in the prosecution's case against our clients. Our staff members with law enforcement experience means we understand how a crime scene should be secured and handled, how interrogation tactics can cloud a suspect's judgment, and how to identify questionable actions on the part of police officers and investigators. We regularly work with forensic experts, lab technicians, and other professionals in challenging the validity of blood, hair, and fiber samples, fingerprints, DNA analysis, and other evidence offered against our client.
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The Bose Law Firm, formed in 1998 is a boutique law fir
m of  experienced attorneys focused on aggressive, strategic litigation in criminal and civil matters.  The attorneys are former police officers, prosecutors and investigators serving clients in Asset Protection and Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Self-defense and Firearms Law, Business Torts and Business Contract matters.